Gain visibility & Attract traffic to your Travel website

In general, travel firms focus on specific keywords that target the audience who majorly search for the type of accommodation using a search engine. As you keep your travel website SEO optimised, the chances of getting it ranked better in search engines increases and generated more traffic. We offer SEO for travel agencies and help medium to small agencies or companies to grow organically.
Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies at The Brand Digital
Travel Marketing at The Brand Digital

Importance of Travel Marketing

It is always good if you have a website and many offers to deliver, but it is of no use if your potential customers cannot reach you or even know your existence. SEO for travel agency can be beneficial in several ways, such as:
Today, where the bulk of options is available for visitors to explore different holidays or travel packages, SEO for a travel website is a must yet highly competitive.

Travel SEO Expertise

Being a travel SEO agency, we aim to offer all essential services that can help you become more visible. The key motive of our service is to aid you to dominate the local searches by executing result-driven strategies for your brand. With our comprehensive experience working in this industry, we include the following in your SEO for a travel website:
Local SEO for small business travel agencies

Google My Business & Local SEO

Studies have shown that when your potential customers start searching for your services, they do their research online before knowing about your brand. So, your website must come earlier in search results as your customers' plan & book their next vacation. Our experts optimise your travel website and GMB (Google My Business) profile to make your website appear in the results for all local searches.

Detailed Travel Business Audits at Brand Digital

Detailed Audits

Our technical SEO experts perform audits of your travel website structure and offer recommendations that can help in website optimisation. Many factors are taken into consideration, such as loading of website, broken links, crawl errors, and much more, so that the Google search engine never penalises you.

Our critical practices for improving travel SEO

Quality Keyword Research and Analysis at The Brand Digital

Keywords Research

Our team carries out in-depth keyword research and thus categorises keywords at diverse stages of the buyers' decision-making procedure. Our experts finally map them to applicable page templates, like blogs, informational guides, etc., to successfully satisfy the users’ intention.

Built quality backlinks from high domain authority on relevant sites/directories at The Brand Digital

Build Authoritative Links

In the travel industry, we, as a travel digital marketing agency, are well aware that building links from authoritative sites is never that easy. Still, it offers so many benefits we never take it so lightly. Any recommendations or mentions about your business by good travel review portals or from any social media international travel influencers can result in effective traffic to your website.


Breadcrumb is a page that proves handy for potential visitors to navigate to the website's previously visited pages by clicking on the links. We help you have breadcrumbs on the webpage of a travel website, mainly when your pages are divided into various sections and lots of subsections.

Schema Markup and Implementation - The Brand Digital

Schema Markup

Schema markup is one of the vital strategies that we recommend using to pack in loads of information about your website for your customers. Our experts ensure making this schema look as professional as possible. We add a reviews schema, which helps in increasing the authenticity of your travel website.

Content Analysis & Optimization

SEO is in-complete with the right and optimized text, so our team ensures optimizing your website content for search engines. We add Primary and Long-tail keywords, and each of them is tailored to your brand’s needs.